Looking for Perks? We've Got you Covered. We’re not going to boast about our catered lunch, the healthiest snacks, work culture or our happy hours. We will boast about the fact that we are changing the face of Mobile space and having fun doing it. Here are some of the perks that we believe set us apart:
  • EmployeeReferal Program

    Refer and Earn a Bonus!

    Referal Program

    A few opening including front-end and back-end engineers, creators and quality investigators are sought after at Appiqo — so high that the organization is spending lucrative reward to workers who help them in filling spots of our developing group

    Also, to trade out, your referral ought to qualify the choice criteria, must be employed by the organization and work here profitably for 90 days.

    So in the event that you know an energetic and trying engineer, originator, quality investigator or any individual who meets one of the organization's vacant positions, begin alluding and win reward!


    After All Talent Always Win!


    Employees are the key assets we have here, at AppInventiv. They are one of the key reasons that helped us in being in the business so successfully. We have high regards for their passion, hard work and commitment to the company. And, that’s why every month, it gives us pleasure to honour some of our exceptional employees. We do that by choosing one (or more) top performers of the month.

    We have started rewarding bonuses and incentives to the top-performers — on top of their regular salaries and incentives. It’s a small token of appreciation from us for their hard work and dedication towards the organisation.

  • FlexibleWorking HOurs

    To Keep the Passion Alive!

    Flexible Working Hours

    We always aspire for the people who love what they do and who want to make a difference - to our business, each other and the space around us.

    To encourage passion and open culture, we offer great flexible working opportunities and a stress-free environment. We know it’s not always easy juggling work with our everyday lives. That’s why since our inception, we offer a range of flexible work arrangements to help our employees achieve work & life balance, while meeting the goals of our business. And, we have been told that our flexible working hours help our employees maintain better work life balance.


    Because its Friday! Friday!

    Fun Friday

    At Appiqo Technologies, we celebrate Friday, every week. It’s one day of a week when we ideate, create, promote and share what we did this week and some secrets.

    Some Fridays we play various activities and games- a favourite is when we have to hunt for a treasure. While other Fridays we go around the table and celebrate Beer Friday by sharing company highs for the week. And, we’ve always wondered, though, exactly what – and how much – we actually drink. Friday celebrations have empowered us to work harder, stay in tune with what’s going on with the company and to celebrate together each other’s success.

So Whats Holding You Back? Join Us. Come make history with the zealous and most snooping people from the industry. We've only just begun. Excited to work with us... but don’t see your positions listed? Send your resumes at hr@appiqo.com