What is Quality Assurance- Quality Assurance (QA) plays a vital role in the development of mobile applications, but many overlook the critical nature of this piece of the app development process.

To ensure the success of an app, QA must be involved in all stages of development, from creating the concept, analysing requirements and wishes, creating test specifications, testing early versions of the app, releasing the finished product, to the post-development review process.

QUALITY ASSURANCE Advantages with Appiqo Technolgoies-
Appiqo Technologies app development services include full QA on multiple devices, in multiple environments. Appiqo Technologies Pvt Ltd conduct extensive mobile app testing throughout the entire development cycle, including manual testing, visual QA, and automated testing to ensure that your application functions perfectly and delights users. Appiqo Technologies pvt Ltd approach typically includes the following aspects:

  • Manual testing by in-house test engineers
  • Automated testing
  • Full visual QA
  • QA consulting
  • Integrated testing process that spans the full development cycle.
  • Apple iOS testing.
  • Google Android Testing
  • Windows Mobile Testing

Mobile App Automation Testing

Since our inception, we are using world class mobile app testing tools and high-end testing automation process, which our team is continuously improving to make it easy and time-efficient while constantly maintaining and refining output quality. Our well-versed mobile app automation QA and testing process help us in achieving the faster and

tailored results on various platforms and makes our development cycles faster. Bestowed with in-depth experience and experience, we choose the right testing automation which ensures accuracy, reliability, high efficiency and minimal human involvement in terms of support and maintenance.

Performance Testing

Our mobile app performance testing capabilities and quality assurance services enable us to deliver market-centric deliverables and ensures performing-centric products with optimum experience. We imbibe next-gen and high-end mobile app performance testing tools, processes, methodologies and solutions to ensure:

  • Apps are highly responsive and market-centric.
  • Easily manageable normal and peak load conditions.
  • Easy tracking and managing of app’s performance.
  • App is user-centric, stable, robust, scalable, and secure in the long run.

We imbibe top-notch mobile test automation and quality control process. And, that enable us to accelerate the testing cycle, thus reduces time to market.

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